Like a Flood

Flood?  Hmmm!  What does that word mean?  A great flow of water; abundant supply or outpouring of anything; inundate–to fill with an overflowing abundance.

The School of Hard Knocks.  I’m sure that many people can say they have and are still going through the School of Hard Knocks!  As I reflect on my life that is true for me.  The worst decision, and they were few, was my decision to tell God what I was going to do…I remember the day back in 1972.  I was sooo bored!!!  With everything!  Being the good little girl just wasn’t for me anymore, so I told God I was going to go out and find out what life was all about.  That was not so good a decision!  But it was my way or the Highway…

From those words came my journey on a downward spiral into a pit that took years to climb out of.  All the things I said I would never do, I began to do.  Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, running with a married man, cussing, hanging with the wrong group of people, doing all sorts of things I shouldn’t do.

Did I feel convicted?  Yes and no.  But I just kept ignoring it to the point where I buried it deep down inside.  I would pray for forgiveness and do it over and over again until it became a way of life.  I became blind to it all.  It got to the point where I found myself deep down in the pit of hell.

As I began my new journey in 1984 to climb out of that pit, it was a struggle and a fight that was unbelieveable.  I would climb up and slide back down.  Climb up and slide back down.  Searching for something–anything to get out.  A word, a phrase to hold onto.

It was like a flood and I kept getting caught up in it.  Flowing downstream searching for something to hold on to.  As I searched God’s Word; little phrases or a words from him would catch my eye and I’d grab it and hold on to it.  Fear not– what can man do to you; Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath; for wrath does not produce the righteousness of God were 2 of the very first phrases I grabbed ahold of.  Footprints in the Sand too–My Precious Precious Child at those times when you see only one set of Footprints–It was then that I carried you.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, while sitting in Church during testimonies something stirred inside of me to stand and speak.  What I had to speak, I had no clue.  I began trembling and shaking wrestling within myself to contain it.  All of a sudden a force lifted me up and I began to speak.  Trembling and shaking I got through it and quickly sat down when I was done.  PHEW!!!  That was over with!  I had no idea what was said!  No idea what had happened!  That began to happen every Sunday.  I felt sooo embarrassed as I stood there trembling.

It began to become normal to me.  Like an abundant supply or outpouring of faith–today I take the action needed to show myself that nothing is impossible with GOD, and I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.  To learn that he gives me the strength to take each and every step I take.

I Praise God and Thank Him sooo very much for sending Jesus to us to seek and save the lost.  I have been one of tem who was lost, but Jesus brings me up and out of that pit…That’s why I take a STAND FOR JESUS.

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2 thoughts on “Like a Flood

  1. Michelle Hale

    I’m glad that you said that it became a way of life in this blog. I think that everyone needs to realize what ever we may become accustomed to is what becomes our way of life, good or bad. It
    makes me want to keep making Jesus MY way of life.Thanks for sharing your blogs with everyone.

  2. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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