Where are the Shephards?

Where are the Shephards?  I asked the Lord.  I searched and searched as I slid further down.  Where are you, Lord is there noone to help?  I tried to stop sinning but that didn’t work.  The more I tried the more I got worse.  I tried and tried and kept slipping down.  O Lord I keep going straight down to the ground.  Is there no shephard around?  As I sat on the ground with mud all around and couldn’t get up on my own.  The greatest shephard picked me up.  He showed me I wasn’t alone.  I didn’t see it for quite a long time.  It came very slowly as I ran for my life.  Running and running I got tired of it all.  My shephard who is Jesus kept saying to me, “My precious child I am carrying you now.  I’ve been doing it for you for quite a long while.  So lay back and rest on this Christmas Eve as you listen to see me knocking at your heart O please let me in.”  I listened to the preacher, he was speaking to me.  I tried to jump up to see if we were safe.  My very young child and I.  But I was reassured I would come out on the other side alive.  I repeated the prayer the preacher said, and let my dear savior come in.  Then all of a sudden the terror I felt went running away, and the strength of Jesus came in to stay.  The year that my savior saved me was 1984.  That’s the night He came knocking at the door.  It’s been 28 yrs. now, it’s been a long time.  I’m still being cleansed by my Savior devine.

So when Jesus comes knocking at your door–listen and let Him come in.  It’s all worth it in the end.  So I ask that you listen, He loves you so much.  He will lead you and guide you in His way which in time you will not want to stray.  Try it and see.  Our Savior does love us–He hung on a cross, His blood He did shed.  He shows us the way which is right.  Believe me I  pray.  In His arms we will stay as He carries us each and every day.  So now I pray you help me be ready to be a shephard for you.  For as you say in Isaiah6 vs.8–Whom shall I send, and who will go for us–I can raise up my hand and say–send me.

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